• Target oriented safety analysis and quantitative risk assessment

    using suitable hardware and updated software versions

  • Upon request, we offer personalized solutions for our customers

    cost-efficient solutions to enhance safety level of the operation

  • Our prime directive is the theoretical establishment and practical implementation of acceptable, predictable and responsible risk management

    “Good Safety Means Good Business”

  • Identification of the weak technological points

    mitigation of identified risks to a reasonable and acceptable level, risk monitoring, supporting the calculation of relevant insurance fees

  • Our experts have earned university degree

    and post graduate education in risk management related fields and obtained years of professional experience, as well as relevant authorization and licenses

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CK-Trikolor has reached leading position level for more than a decade in Hungary in the field of risk assessment and safety analysis as well as in providing compliance with regulatory requirements for hazardous plants. Our customers are from the traditional industry and from the nuclear industry.

The company is widely recognized for its expertise in the analysis of risks arising from applied technologies and the preparation of safety assessment. In the field of industrial safety, we support our clients with a number of analytical methods and procedures related to safe operation and risk mitigation measures.

Our dedicated experts' knowledge and our technical background are recognized internationally.


Safety Analysis / Report on: SAPP, Critical Infrastructure or CNI, OSP

Licensing the operation of a hazardous plant is legally bound by the existing legislation to the fulfillment of quantitative criteria. To prove the compliance, a quantitative risk analysis should be established. CK-Trikolor has professional expertise in this field.


Hazard and failure analysis

HAZOP (IEC 61882,), SIL (IEC 61511; IEC 61508), LOPA, fault tree and event tree analysis.


ISO and OHSMS support using risk analysis

The employer applies good practice when the risk analysis and the risk assessment are organized and carried out in a coordinated way in areas where risks are to be expected. The latest ISO and OHSMS standards require the preparation and periodic updating of the current risk assessment.


Support of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Establishment of insu- irance fee calculations, cost-benefit, cost-risk analysis.


Determination of seismic hazards

The Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) refers to the calculation of a ground- motion parameter (e.g. peak ground acceleration, seismic intensity and the estimation of its occurrence probability to cause ground-motion exceeding a given value within the given time intervals at the site.


Risk and safety analysis of nuclear power plants

Nowadays under the risk assessment of nuclear power plants, we consider - based primarily on the PSA method - a computer assisted analysis using a rather complicated model of the safety related technological systems. 

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Analysis methods
Our solutions

In order to increase safety and cost-effectiveness, we carry out qualitative and quantitative analyzes using professional tools and techniques. In addition, we provide proof of compliance. Our main goal is to reach and maintain customer satisfaction and to provide continuous development.

Purpose of the risk assessment
We develop solutions that improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of the operator's business success based on the following:

  • analyzing and in this way preventing major industrial accidents, catastrophes, loss of production and operational blackout,
  • via the identification and quantitative characterization of the technical, asset, environmental and health risks,
  • via the identification and quantitative characterization of the technical, assetmaterial, environmental and health risks,
  • supporting proof of compliance (219/2011 (X.20.) Government Decree in Hungary).

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Hazard Analysis, Risk Analysis, Optimization, Acceptance Assessment.

  • Hazard analysis:
    HAZOP (IEC 61882 standard), FMEA, fault tree, checklist, What-If analysis;
  • Risk Analysis:
    Quantitative frequency estimation and evaluation; probabilistic risk analysis; summation and presentation of risks; Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis; Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) analysis.
  • Proposals for decision:
    Acceptance criteria assessment, identification of measures for risk reduction
    Optimization and further development of operating procedures based on risk determining measuring data.

Improving the safety management system, increasing competitiveness, risk monitoring, cost-benefit analyzes and consequence analyzes.

Deliverables providing benefits for the customer:

  • Establishment of the safety management system and improving the competitiveness through up-to-date risk management.
  • Identification of the weaknesses and shortcomings of the technology.
  • Risk monitoring for strategic decision-making and cost-efficient implementation of periodic inspections.
  • Information acquisition on operation support and on avoidance of loss control and business interruption.
  • Provision of information for the determination of insurance fees (EAAL - Estimated Annual Average Loss and EML - Estimated Maximum Loss), cost-benefit analysis, and decision support.
  • Proposals for action to reduce the identified risks to a reasonable and acceptable level.
  • Establishment of a securesafe, fast, efficient and coordinated response to unexpected events affecting the company's operations.
  • Compliance verification to EU directives and national law.
  • Consequence analyzes to identify the ecological risks and to suggest solutions targeting the reduction of environmental damage.

Our customers
From the industrial safety area
Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt. DUNASTYR Zrt. Dunacell Dunaújvárosi Cellulózgyár Kft. Agroforrás Kft Akácliget Logisztikai Központ Kft. Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals Kft. Alfagas Kft. Alkaloida Vegyészeti Gyár Zrt. ALVEARE Zrt. Arany Kapu Borászati Melléktermék Feldolgozó Zrt. BM OKF BorsodChem NyRt. British Vita Plc. (UK) Budapest Airport ZRt. Budapesti Erőmű ZRt. Chemark Kft. Chinoin Gyógyszer- és Vegyészeti Termékek Gyára Zrt. S.C. DACHSER Romania S.R.L. Ploiesti DHL Supply Chain Magyarország Kft. DUNAFERR Energiaszolgáltató Kft. Dunamenti Erőmű Zrt. E.ON Földgáztároló Zrt. EGIS Gyógyszergyár Zrt. EISPRO Kft. ELSŐ VEGYI INDUSTRIA Zrt. EnviroTrade Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. ENVISIO Környezetvédelmi Kft. Flaga Gáz Kft. Florin Vegyipari és Kereskedelmi Zrt. Fűzfői Hulladékégető Kft. Gallavit Környezetvédelmi Kft. Géptám Kft. Győri Agroker Zrt. HANKOOK TIRE Magyarország Kft. Henkel Magyarország Kft. Holland Colours Hungária Kft. Hungrana Kft. Illangó-Trans Fuvarozó és Szolgáltató Kft. IPR Vámosgyörk Zrt. ISD POWER Kft. K&P CHEM KFT. Kajári Agrofor Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft. Kelet-Trans 2000 Kft. Kiskunhalasi Baromfifeldolgozó Zrt. Közép-Európai Gázterminál Kft. LASA Agrokultúra Kft. Liegl&Dachser Kft. Linde Gáz Magyarország Zrt. MÁD-OIL Kft. Medikémia Ipari és Kereskedelmi Zrt. MLR Tech Kft. MOL NyRt. MVM GTER Zrt. MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt. NCG Services Co. Ltd. NÓGRÁDI VEGYIPARI ZRT. Novochem Kft. Pannon Lúd Kft. Pannon Trans Kft. Pannónia Állattenyésztő Kft. Pannonia Ethanol Zrt. Penny Market Kft. Polinvent Kft. Polplast Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. Rossi Biofuel Zrt. SIAD HUNGARY Gázokat Forgalmazó és Termelő Kft. Spinner Hungária Kft. Tatai Környezetvédelmi Zrt. Termofarm Kft. Transfer-R Kft. Trend Fix Kft. MOL Petrolkémia Zrt. Vértesi Erőmű Zrt. Vértesi Környezetgazdálkodási Kft. Vitafoam Magyarország Kft. ZÁHONY-PORT Záhonyi Logisztikai és Rakománykezelési Zrt.
From the nuclear industry
Radioaktív Hulladékokat Kezelő Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. MVM Paks II. Atomerőmű Fejlesztő Zrt. Országos Atomenergia Hivatal SOM System Kft. PÖYRY ERŐTERV Zrt. MVM ERBE Zrt. Golder Associates (Magyarország) Zrt. MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.
Our professional connections
• DNV GL Business Assurance Magyarország
• SPHERA Solution Canada Inc.
• Babeș–Bolyai University
• JRC (Joint Research Centre) Directorate-General of the European Commission
• ETPIS-Methodologies for Risk Assessment and Management (FG2)
Memberships and professional eligibility
• Member of the Hungarian Nuclear Society
• Member of the Hungarian Atom Forum Association
• Member of the Industrial Safety Advisory Board
• Partner of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority as Technical Support Organisation
• Independent technical expert's authorization to provide services in the field of nuclear power related issues, such as:
  probabilistic safety analyzes,
  radiation protection,
  transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials.
• Permit to Geologic Expert in the field of Geophysics
• Hazardous Industrial Safety Officer's License in Hungary

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From our satisfied customers

  • How come, that a domestic small business enterprise has been involved in the world's largest industrial disasters? Leading by its founders, experienced in the field of environmental risk assessment and safety analysis, they have achieved internationally recognized, unique domestic success. Among our clients, we welcome such companies that, apart from meeting their legal obligations, take social responsibility seriously.

    Market and Profit, published in May, 2006
  • On May 13-14, 2009 the Hungarian Department of Defense, Central Control and Authority Bureau organized the Control of Dangerous Military Object’s Conference in the presence of representatives from involved civil and military organizations, in Balatonkenese. The conference was located in the Hungarian Department of Defense’s recreational “Honvéd” Cultural Service Provider Public Company’s facilities.

    Your presentations by István Kelemen and Tamás Lipovics successfully contributed to reach the goals of the Conference. I would like to thank you for your kind contribution and look forward for your further assistance.

    József Bíró, Director-General, Hungarian Department of Defense, Central Control and Authority Office
  • I would like to express my thanks for the professional training of our Seveso supervisors, regarding the protection against major accident hazards involving dangerous substances (as declared by Government Decree Annex 5, 18/2006. (I. 26.)).

    During the presentations, hands-on experience and working knowledge were provided to the supervisors. Thus, gaining useful information and provided valuable assistance for the official work.

    Dr. Gyula Vass, Firefighter Colonel, Chief Head of Department, National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior
  • Thanks, we have received your completed profile. We incorporated your competences into our database. From now on, your Company is listed as our potential Technical Support Organization (TSO) partner.

    Dr. Gábor Petőfi, Head of Department, Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority
  • I would like to thank for your participation and lectures on the " Seveso II" seminar, held on April 6, 2011 in Gödöllő.  This seminar was the 25th meeting of the Committee of Competent Authorities responsible for the implementation of Seveso directives.

    Dr. Imre Hoffmann, Firefighter Major General, National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior
  • On behalf of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior, Inspectorate of National Industral Safety, I would like to thank your contribution for the successful implementation of training for Head Inspectors and administrators provided during the period of May 8-10, 2012 in the field of protection against major accident hazards involving dangerous substances.

    Kossa György Firefighter Brigadier General, Head of Industrial Safety Inspectors, National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior
  • CK-Trikolor is still have the exclusive rights as sales agent in Hungary. Apart from sales agent activity, CK-Trikolor shows significant expertise in software adaptation and utilization regarding risk analysis and assessment. CK-Trikolor uses the latest version of SAFETI thanks to periodic license upgrades.